The idea for Completely Mental arose when the show’s creator, Eric Walton, recognized a conspicuous vacancy in the New York City performing arts scene: an all-mentalism variety show that would showcase the city’s best mentalists and mind-readers in an intimate and elegant downtown venue.

As a professional magician and mentalist himself, he knew that if such a show were going to be produced in New York, he was as qualified as anyone to take it on.

The producer and host of “Completely Mental”, New York City mentalist Eric Walton

He explains, “There are some excellent magic shows in New York City, and some of them sometimes feature mentalism. And there are some great variety shows around town that will occasionally feature a mentalist, but as far as I know, Completely Mental is the first show in New York City that has the format of a variety show and a cast made up of (almost) all mentalists. That’s a show that I’d pay to see, so that’s the show that I created.”

Completely Mental debuted at The Slipper Room on November 30th, 2016, played again on December 28th, and the 2017 dates confirmed so far are Wednesday, February 8th; Wednesday, March 8th; and, Wednesday, April 12th. All shows will be at The Slipper Room, and will begin at 8:00 p.m..

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