Completely Mental: New York City’s Best Mind-Readers, Reading New York City’s Best Minds

Completely Mental is a first-of-its-kind variety show that features the most talented mentalists from New York City and beyond, doing what they do best: performing feats of mind-reading and mental dexterity that leave audiences speechless. Conceived, presented, and hosted by the award-winning magician and mentalist, Eric Walton (EsotericaThe Immaterialists, Eric Walton: Mentalist, Virtual Impossibilities), Completely Mental debuted at The Slipper Room on November 30th, 2016 and continues to feature many of the East Coast’s most exceptional mentalists and mind-readers in an intimate and elegant setting.

The New York Theater Buying Guide describes Completely Mental as “sure-fire entertainment” and characterizes the show’s host, Eric Walton, as “a master emcee who enchanted the audience with his witty eloquence.”

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The producer and host of Completely Mental, the New York City mentalist Eric Walton (Photo: Allison Stock)