New York Theater Buying Guide Reviews “Completely Mental”

The good folks at New York Theater Buying Guide attended the December 28th, 2016 installment of Completely Mental and gave the show a marvelous review, which you may read in its entirety here:

BOTTOM LINE: Sure-fire entertainment for your attendees and their families – and also a showcase for performers they can use in their next convention! This monthly show of outstanding “Mentalists” will be featuring the world’s finest practitioners of this astounding art which features audience participation, great comedy– and something to think about!

Completely Mental is unique on the NYC performing arts scene; an all-mentalism variety show that showcases the city’s best mentalists and mind-readers in an intimate and elegant downtown venue. CM is produced and hosted by the award-winning and critically-acclaimed magician and mentalist Eric Walton. It’s is an evening of non-stop mental hi-jinks in which thoughts are divined, secrets revealed, and minds blown.
The show we saw last week featured two of New York City’s finest mentalists, Walton himself (Esoterica, The Immaterialists) and Patrick Terry (The Magic Hour, WonderShow), and one of Boston’s most talented mind-benders, Rory Raven (Brainstorming). Walton was a masterful MC who enchanted the audience with his witty eloquence. He’s an award-winning, critically-acclaimed performer whose one-man show Esoterica has been produced Off Broadway in New York City and also in London, and Brighton, England and received rave reviews throughout. The London Times called Esoterica “a masterclass in card magic and mentalism” and Gothamist called Eric “the sharpest knife in the drawer”. The image of Walton bestriding the stage, his bald head and stainless steel blindfold both shining in the stage lighting, seemed worthy of the latest superhero movie. His display of seemingly impossible mind-reading with playing cards and other clearly unadulterated props left us gob-smacked.
The producer and host of “Completely Mental”, New York City mentalist Eric Walton (Image Copyright 2016, Allison Stock)
Patrick Terry is a very talented New York City-based mentalist, magician, and actor with many impressive credits to his name, including a recent and critically-acclaimed portrayal of the legendary showman, Harry Houdini, in Houdini Speaks to the Living at the Hidden Room Theater in Austin. Patrick is also the creator and producer of WonderShow, which TimeOut New York described as “professional mind-f*ckery by some of the most skilled performers in the business”.
Terry tore the house apart with a terrifying version of the classic cups and balls that if not performed perfectly would have sent him directly to the Emergency Room. Replacing the small rubber ball with an ice pick raised the stakes of this parlor trick an astronomical amount and set the bar high for the rest of the show. Rory Raven came down from Boston, likely on a magic carpet of some sort. Rory is an accomplished mentalist, writer, lecturer, and leader of ghost tours, who performs his elegant brand of mentalism at colleges and theaters throughout New England. The Newport Daily News said of his show that, “…you will have a mind-reading, spoon-bending good time.”
Attired in a gray three-piece suit and sporting a well- cropped beard and waxed mustache, this classy gentleman came across as a welcoming, if slightly goofy Dr. Watson. His speciality is bending silverware with his mind, and his demonstration was both convincing and compelling. In what might have been the show’s high point, we watched a volunteer help Raven reduce a stiff stainless steel soup spoon to a drooping, pasta-like consistency until it dropped into pieces in her hand. Even from the back of the house, where some of the initial bends might have been hard to see, the look on her astonished face, told us everything we needed to know.
So send your attendees but also check out this wonderful offering yourself! The 2017 dates confirmed so far are Wednesday, February 8th; Wednesday, March 8th; and, Wednesday, April 12th.

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