A Recap of The Holiday Installment of “Completely Mental”

The second installment of Completely Mental at The Slipper Room took place on December 28th, 2016 and was a smashing success! Mentalists Eric Walton, Rory Raven, and Patrick Terry delivered a stellar show to a packed house, and New York City photographer Allison Stock captured some excellent images of the event.

The master of ceremonies, Eric Walton, welcomes the audience to the show. (Image Copyright 2016, Allison Stock)
Mentalist Patrick Terry solicits the help of an audience member.  (Image Copyright 2016, Allison Stock)
Patrick Terry risks grave bodily injury for the delight and delectation of the audience. (Image Copyright 2016, Allison Stock) 


Mind-bender Rory Raven prepares the audience for a bit of mystification. (Image Copyright 2016, Allison Stock)
Rory Raven proudly displays what was once a perfectly normal fork. (Image Copyright 2016, Allison Stock)
The show’s host, Eric Walton, was also the headliner for the night. (Image Copyright 2016, Allison Stock)
Eric Walton summons the metaphysical wherewithal to divine the thoughts of several members of the audience. (Image Copyright 2016, Allison Stock)
The cold weather did not keep these people from showing up to have their minds read (and blown). (Image Copyright 2016, Allison Stock)
The most awkward mannequin challenge ever (Image Copyright 2016, Allison Stock) 


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