Recap of the February, 2017 Installment of “Completely Mental”

The February 8th, 2017 installment of Completely Mental was completely awesome! The crowd was somewhat smaller than usual, which seemed to be a result of the formidable snowstorm that had been forecast for the following day, but the folks who did venture out to the Lower Eastside to enjoy the festivities made for a great audience and they were given a suitably excellent show.

As usual, our trustee photographer, the talented Allison Stock, was on-hand and as usual, she captured some wonderful moments throughout the show.


Andriana and Me_2 WM
The producer and host of Completely Mental, New York City Mentalist, Eric Walton, plumbs the depths of a volunteer’s mind. 
Torkova and volunteer_1 WM
The opening act of the night was the talented and charming Torkova, winner of many awards and reader of many minds.
Torkova_1 WM
Torkova scoffs at your disbelief in his mystical powers!
Torkova bill reveal WM
Torkova does the impossible, divining the serial number on the dollar bill being held by an incredulous, yet delighted, volunteer.
Eric in one_1 WM
Eric Walton does his best to prepare the audience for the evening’s headliner, the mentalist, Jason Suran.
Jason_1 WM
Jason Suran delicately warns the audience that minds are about to be read AF.
Jason and Dovid_1 WM
Jason Suran shares a laugh with Completely Mental‘s biggest fan, Dovid.
Jason and 2 volunteers WM
Jason Suran deftly lulls two volunteers into a quasi-hypnotic trance.
Jason sans jacket WM
Jason Suran has rolled up the sleeve on his good arm, which means that things are about to get serious, as indeed they did.




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