Eric Walton: Mentalist debuts at the United Solo Theatre Festival

The producer and host of Completely Mental, the New York City mentalist and magician, Eric Walton, recently debuted his latest one-man show, Eric Walton: Mentalist, at the United Solo Theatre Festival on Theatre Row. The multi-media show premiered on September 28th and played to a standing room only crowd.

Highlights from the show included Walton’s signature Remote Viewing demonstration and a multi-part prediction finale that garnered a standing ovation from the audience.

Below are photos from the performance.

Remote Viewing
Eric Walton is blindfolded center stage during his signature Remote Viewing routine.
Eric Walton: Mentalist
Eric Walton divines the thoughts of an audience volunteer during the debut performance of Eric Walton: Mentalist.
Eric Walton: Mentalist
Eric Walton waxes philosophical (or perhaps metaphysical) during the penultimate routine of Eric Walton: Mentalist.
Muscle reading
Eric Walton divines the thought of an audience volunteer by means of Muscle Reading.
Eric Walton: Mentalist projection
The fancy logo for Eric Walton: Mentalist

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